Good Weekend essay: ‚About Last Night‘

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Paul Donoughue

WHAT’S the significance of the girl with the glasses?” my girlfriend once asked, for no reason, like we had been discussing a Hitchcock movie. It was in the middle of the night on a Thursday. I was, until that point, asleep. So was she.

Sometimes it’s funny like that. Other times it’s not. “Hey, someone’s trying to kill us,” is one of her favourites – said in a calm voice, like she’s about to defuse a bomb.

When we first started dating, Lizzie told me what to expect. “Night terrors,” she said. “It’s a thing.” She told me she regularly woke her housemates with horror-movie screams. She told me that it runs in her family: her father does it, as does her sister, Jane. She swore that one time she awoke next to a boyfriend, screaming, and he got such a fright he fell out of the bed and ended…

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